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This Is the No. 1 Thing That Holds Most People Back From Success

Written by Warren Whitfield. Posted in Articles, Inspirational, Life Coaching Services


What’s the number one thing that holds most people back from success? It’s not intelligence or hard work.

Sound like the drivel your parents told you when you were 16 that inspired eye-rolling? That’s what I thought, too. But then I kept seeing the same thing over and over from experts and research…

The War For Talent Is a Myth

Marketing genius Seth Godin says it’s actually a war for attitude:

…it’s not really a search for talent. It’s a search for attitude. There are a few jobs where straight up skills are all we ask for. Perhaps in the first violinist in a string quartet. But in fact, even there, what actually separates winners from losers isn’t talent, it’s attitude.

What does Harvard tell its MBA students is the number one thing when negotiating salary?


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