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SAB Miller uses fancy footwork in denial of their human rights abuses

Written by Warren Whitfield. Posted in Articles

Below is our response to SAB’s response to our AAC People Before Profit Protest – Memorandum of Demands , of which copies of Vincent Maphai’s response is included below as images.

Dear Mr. Maphai,

I trust you you had a good festive season.

It has become quite clear from you response of the 17th of December that you did not even attempt to address the issues outlined in our letter of demands, but instead chose to ignore them with a diplomatic and dismissive response.

AAC People Before Profit Protest – Memorandum of Demands

Written by Warren Whitfield. Posted in Articles

Addressed to : (But not limited to)
The Department of Health, The Department of Social Development, TISA (Tobacco Institute of Southern Africa), PIASA (Pharmaceutical Industry Association of S.A.), Innovative Medicines of South Africa, NAPM, SMASA, National Gambling Board, National Responsible Gambling, JT Publishing (Hustler), Adult World, SAB Miller, ARA (The Industry Association for Responsible Alcohol Use), SA Liquor Brand Owner’s Association, Distell, Brandhouse, KWV, Douglas Green Bellingham, E Snell & Co, Pernod-Ricard, The Really Great Brand Company, VinPro, Wine Cellars SA, Tsogo Sun Group, Casino Association of South Africa.

The Addiction Action Campaign of South Africa demands that:
Anyone, including companies, organisations, government and individuals, become financially accountable for the harm that they cause, arising from the sale of their products and or services which are addictive, to citizens who are, or who may become addicted to such products and or services.

The entities in question include, but are not limited to, government, the alcohol industry, the tobacco industry, the gambling industry, the pharmaceutical and pornography industries.

We expect of them, that within a reasonable period of time, all of these entities must:


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