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DAMN YOU Auto Correct! Predictive Text FAILS! – Funny Pictures

……. You typed on on your mobile in a rush and sent it off just as quickly. Only to discover, at your horror, that your phone’s...
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The “Megabytes” – S.A.’s New Internet Police. A Ruthless New Unit Similar To The Hawks

….. A new squad called “The Megabites” was launched in Pretoria today in an effort to crack down on internet fraud (also known as...
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The hat Princess Beatrice was going to wear to the royal wedding

……. Remember Princess Beatrice’s Royal Wedding “Hat” – Fail? Well, this was the hat she was going to wear. It was designed by...
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The secret ingredient in Coke and Pepsi

… Now we know! Quit Smoking With Acupuncture – Johannesburg

The difference between men and women