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How to get my child off Ritalin – Treating ADHD using alternative drug free methods.

Written by Warren Whitfield. Posted in Acudetox, Addictions, Articles, Education, Health

imagesby: Warren Whitfield – Most people today are forced to put their children on Ritalin in order to keep them in school. Schools threaten parents with expulsion if they do not put their kids on the drug.  What most people do not know is that for at least 10 years now, drug companies have been doing presentations in High schools to teachers and to the school principles, convincing them that Ritalin (amongst other drugs) is the easiest and best way of ensuring desirable behaviour in children. They actually convinced teachers to let go of the responsibility of managing a child’s behaviour, and to let the drug do the work for them.

If you were an underpaid teacher with an over populated class of under disciplined (managed) children, what would you do to make your life easier? Especially if your job depended on ensuring that your pupils achieved higher marks?

What modern medicine (Allopathic Medicine) does, is treat symptoms. It is not the study of treating causes. In fact, doctors misguidedly now tell people that ADHD is “genetic”.

Inside the mind of the man who will kill more people than HITLER did

Written by Warren Whitfield. Posted in Articles, Causes, Petitions


crystal methamphetamine crystal meth

Crystal Methaphetamine

The biggest mass murderer of them all, known only as Uncle Fester.

He is the man who has distributed manuals over the internet, making it possible for anyone with half a brain to start their own TIK (Crystal Meth) lab.

I enclose the introduction page of the easy to follow manual. What you will notice is that the spread of TIK or Crystal Methamphetamine is the successful attempt of one man’s mission to kill millions of people by using others to do it. He is pure evil and completely arrogant.

Sadly, he is very successful….


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