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Recent Radio & Televison Commercials – I Need Rehab Campaign

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drug-rehab-centres-in-johannesburg-south-africaThese radio and television commercials were produced for the “I Need Rehab Campaign”. It was initiated by a need that the Addiction Action Campaign identified. People needing addiction rehabilitation but who could not afford any kind of treatment are not able to access quality information on free services that are available to them, but also it seemed that they were not being treated with respect because they can’t afford it. Also, the AAC found that there are many facilities in South Africa that do not provide good quality treatment programs yet charge premium rates.

The campaign’s website provides free  and objective advice on treatment options available to them countrywide.

Radio & Television Commercial

See also their  “I Need Rehab” page on Facebook that provides regular unpates and useful articles and advice

AAC National Addiction Sobriety Week 27 June – 3 July

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Addiction Action CampaignThe Addiction Action Campaign (AAC) announced today that they would be hosting a national addiction prevention week as from 2012, which is to be named the AAC National Addiction Sobriety Week.

The need for such a week was identified by AAC C.E.O. Warren Whitfield. Speaking from their Johannesburg office, he said “Unfortunately the world consciousness seems to think that addiction is just drugs. More people live with and die from an addiction than from HIV AIDS and yet there still is no national funding that makes treatment accessible to all.”

Whitfield said that there are many addictions in South Africa which do not get the attention they deserve, nor does the country realise how extensive the issue is. “Drug addiction is just a small part of addiction. People are addicted to a host of other things and behaviours which are not drugs and our laws such as the Prevention for and Treatment of Substance Abuse Act, do not make allowances or provisions for behavioural addictions such as porn, gambling, over spending and sex”  he said.

Whitfield called on all South African’s, corporates and government to support this initiative as much as possible as the epidemic of addiction in South Africa is “almost out of control”. He said, “It is time to realise that the issue of addiction in South Africa is about 15 years behind the successes of the HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention campaigns. Yet it kills far more South African’s annually”.

The week will run every year following the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking which is held annually on the 26th of June.

For more information, contact : Warren Whitfield > 079-066-3382

SANCA Drug Awareness Week > 20 – 26 June 2011

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SANCA’s National Drug Awareness Week – see also AAC National Addiction Sobriety Week

SANCA Drug Awareness WeekSANCA’s National Drug Awareness Week is an annual campaign that undertakes to highlight the substance abuse problem in South Africa. The campaign is designed to create awareness and understanding about substance abuse and its dangers, to educate and assist those affected by drugs by giving them information about where to get help, and to put a stop to the abuse of both drugs and alcohol. Show your support of this worthy cause, by buying and wearing a yellow ribbon, from the 19-26 June.


For more details contact:
SANCA National Executive Director
PO Box 663

Tel: +27 11 781 6410
Fax: +27 11 781 6420
Fax 2 Email: 0866914802

High Court must consider the harm caused by online gambling

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No more Dolph too

The Addiction Action Campaign (AAC) said today that they applauded the High Court’s ruling that online gambling activities and advertising is illegal.

“This is fantastic news” said AAC’s CEO Warren Whitfield who has been aggressively challenging the gambling industry’s practices whilst legislation surrounding online gambling has been undefined.

“However, the High Court must consider the harm caused by online gambling to South Africans when Pigs Peak Casino appeals the ruling. In order to do so, it should order the measurement of the harm caused through a national study. The study must determine what percentage of online gamblers are problem gamblers and how much of the revenue generated by online casinos is derived from such. The court must also determine what percentage of online gambling revenue is spent by operators on prevention and addiction treatment”, he said.
Historically, the gambling industry as a whole has neglected their social responsibility in addressing the harm their industry causes. Until now, less than 0.1% of their revenue is spent on harm reduction whilst an estimated 50% of their revenue comes from problem gamblers. The online gambling industry is no different.

Whitfield said, “When gambling was legalised in South Africa, one of the justifications given by government was that it was introduced as a form of taxation in order to provide more tax revenue for social causes. In reality, it has created more poverty and neglected social issues.”

S.A. Addiction Industry Accountability Petition

Written by Warren Whitfield. Posted in Petitions

  • South Africa is addicted to tax from corporates who sell addictive products or services. Government must become independent of its dependency to sin taxes.
  • South Africa’s dependency to income derived from addictive products and or services, actually ENABLES ADDICTION. Sin taxes should be used exclusively for the purposes of treatment as well as addiction prevention.
  • Industries that sell addictive products or services should be held financially accountable for the treatment costs of people who are addicted to their products etc. Namely cigarette, alcohol, casinos, pornographers and pharmaceutical companies.
  • The country’s consciousness concerning the severity of addiction in S.A. needs to change. Government must become actively involved in educating South Africans about the dangers of using ANY substance, product or service which is addictive.
  • More people in S.A. are addicted to a substance, product, service or behaviour than there are people living with HIV/AIDS. Government must publicly admit this fact and present a plan of action to the South African people on how they will strive towards a society free of addiction.
  • The most dangerous addictive services and products are all legal. If alcohol or cigarettes were invented today, they would be illegal because they are so dangerous. Government must do everything in its power to remover these products from the South African market place.
  • S.A.’s drug consumption is double the world norm.
  • More than 15% of South Africans are problem drug users.

What is the AAC’s purpose?

  1. To be a national addiction / substance abuse partner in addressing the issue effectively.
  2. To be the most well informed organisation on the issue of addiction in S.A.
  3. To maintain the availability and relevance of information and statistics.
  4. To challenge but also assist Government in becoming transparent on taxes collected from “sin” industries.
  5. To challenge but also assist Government & “sin” industries to use taxes and profits generated from these industries for: i) a national addiction prevention program focused on 7 year olds & upwards which is integrated into the national education curriculum & ii) A national addiction treatment program which reaches out to the poor i.e. a program that can be understood by illiterate people, which is in their own language & culture-specific.
  6. To lobby in parliament & work with various political leaders in changing the laws of South Africa in order to depopularize addictive products and services.
  7. To lobby in parliament & work with various political leaders in changing the laws of South Africa, to make prison sentences more severe for drug dealers & traffickers.
  8. To work with the criminal justice system in creating diversion treatment programs for people who commit criminal offences under the compulsion of addiction or substance dependency. Such programmes would aim to keep them out of prison so that they can first complete an addiction / substance dependency treatment programme. Those who respond well could have charges withdrawn or receive reduced and/or suspended sentences with the prospect of heavier penalties if they re-offend.
  9. To establish an independent AAC recovery assistance fund which would help all South Africans receive proper addiction / substance dependency treatment regardless of race, religion, age, gender or sexual preference.

Click here to sign it now


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