SAB Miller uses fancy footwork in denial of their human rights abuses

Below is our response to SAB’s response to our AAC People Before Profit Protest – Memorandum of Demands , of which copies of Vincent Maphai’s response is included below as images.

Dear Mr. Maphai,

I trust you you had a good festive season.

It has become quite clear from you response of the 17th of December that you did not even attempt to address the issues outlined in our letter of demands, but instead chose to ignore them with a diplomatic and dismissive response.

Although you were the first to engage with the AAC, the result was nothing more than fancy footwork. Compared to the pharmaceutical industry, who have shown respectful interest in addressing our demands, and who responded with a research proposal, SAB Miller have failed to address their human rights abuses. I have forwarded your response on to our members as well as to interested journalists who are following the case with interest. I wish to assure you that this is not the last you’ve heard of from me or The AAC.

*** We will be addressing the matter further with mass action against SAB Miller as well as with a class action against SAB Miller in the high court.

Kindest regards,

Warren Whitfield


The Addiction Action Campaign