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Addict Nation is the first book from author W.H. Whitfield. Its a highly informative book detailing all the different types of addictions, drugs, recovery programs etc, and equips the reader with knowledge of statistics and the rights and standards in South Africa. This 300 page A4 book is the first from author W.H. Whitfield. Whitfield is the founder and chief executive of  The Addiction Action Campaign which is an organisation that lobbies the issues South Africa faces with government and corporates. He is himself in recovery from addiction, an addiction counsellor and Auricular Detoxification Specialist. He has counselled over 1400 addicts and worked as a counsellor, lecturer and detox program manager in three centres in South Africa. He has also run his own support group called the Refinery Group in Johannesburg for about two years. He is a graduate of Rhema Bible School Counselling and for at least two years handled all of the addiction enquiries for the counselling centre and the Rhema T.V. helpline. After studying to become a specialist in the U.S.A. he returned to South Africa with a strong determination to see the problem of addiction here addressed properly. He is currently challenging the constitutionality of profiting from addiction in the High Court and Constitutional Court. Warren once hosted a local radio talk show on Radio Today called “Anonymous on Air” and is also on the executive board of the Johannesburg Press Club.

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