Inside the mind of the man who will kill more people than HITLER did.

Written by Warren Whitfield. Posted in Articles

The biggest mass murderer of them all, known only as Uncle Fester.

He is the man who has distributed manuals over the internet, making it possible for anyone with half a brain to start their own TIK (Crystal Meth) lab.

I enclose the introduction page of the easy to follow manual. What you will notice is that the spread of TIK or Crystal Methamphetamine is the successful attempt of one man’s mission to kill millions of people by using others to do it. He is pure evil and completely arrogant.

Sadly, he is very successful….


Welcome to the *** Edition of ** ********************. Beyond any doubt, this is the best book ever written on the subject of clandestine chemistry, by anyone, anywhere, anytime, period! Your humble and gracious Uncle has been training champions for fifteen years now, and this tour de force of clandestine ingenuity is living testament to the fact that the game hasn’t passed me by.

What this work reveals, even more than my other books, is the utter futility of the so-called “War on Drugs.” Of course, there can be no such thing as a “war” on inanimate objects — there can only be a war on people. Endlessly adding more common chemicals to lists to be watched by America’s secret police has done nothing to stem this nation’s voracious appetite for illegal drugs. Any laws against victimless crimes can be easily evaded — “criminals” are just plain smarter than the Drug Clowns. Even the most cursory reading of this text shows that most of my references are from common standard chemical literature — that’s right, folks, “drugs” are merely chemicals, and knowledge of how they are produced can never be removed from the body of civilized knowledge.

So grow up, “Drug Warriors,” and get a life! Try to do something useful for the society you feed on instead of destroying our freedoms.

So what new treats do we have in the *********? For starters, I have a new hydrogenation method for converting OTC pills to that food of the gods, meth. This method is so diabolically simple and effective, using only the most commonly available chemicals and equipment, that I can barely contain my excitement. Let’s just say right here that we’re using a balloon to make meth! I also have my new extraction technique using hardware-store chemicals which defeats the latest attempt to make those gas-station ephedrine pills unextractable.

Tired of scrounging around for pills a few at a time, and sick of those attempts to make them unextractable? How does brewing your own ephedrine sound, using ***** and brewing equipment and brew supplies? I thought you’d like that! How about forgetting all about those pills and cooking crank from cinnamon oil? I know you’ll like that! Or maybe setting up shop using common flavoring ingredients? Or any number of most common and easily available industrial chemicals that can never be put under any sort of effective sales scrutiny?

The police state goon squads and their lowest common denominator, pandering-politician masters, have once again been exposed for what they are with this manual. They have bitten off more than they can chew, and it’s going to be my pleasure to jam it right to them! Public ridicule and a practical demonstration of their impotence are the only things which politicians and police-staters read: This **** ***** will heap both upon their heads in liberal portions. If they thought they were getting their butts kicked before, well, they haven’t seen anything yet! Let us pray they take their new-found humility well.

Enjoy this latest installment of ———————————-. It will educate, entertain, and shake pillars all at the same time. You’ll be quite pleased, I’m sure!

Uncle Fester.

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The substance killing millions. TIK or Crystal Meth.

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Warren Whitfield

Warren Whitfield is the founder and CEO of the Addiction Action Campaign. He is also the author of “Addict Nation – The epidemic of addiction in South Africa today”. He founded NADA S.A. and has his own auriculotherapy practice in Northcliff, Johannesburg. He envisioned the concept of addiction harm reduction in South Africa and birthed the Addiction Harm Reduction Compliancy Initiative. Besides treating people for many ailments, he also created and owns various other businesses which include, AffiliatePro Marketing, &


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