Drug Rehab Centers in Johannesburg, South Africa


drug-rehabsThere are a few high quality, specialist treatment drug rehab centres in Johannesburg for those suffering with alcoholism, drug dependency and other addiction related problems. With a local and internationally proven track records in the field of substance abuse, they have become the leading authority in treating and beating a wide range of addictions.

Addiction Treatment Programs – Rehab

High quality drug rehab centers in South Africa should offer a detoxification programme for the body, mind and soul to secure ongoing recovery, geared for different needs for ongoing recovery.

A good drug rehab should offer the following

  • Primary Care (28 or 42 Day residential treatment programme.)
  • Secondary Care (Up tp 6 Week IN/Outpatient Reintegration proramme.)
  • Tertiary Care or Halfway Houses (Communal living within a controlled re-integration programme.)
  • Outpatient Programme (Up to 16 week programme providing the tools for managing addiction outside of rehab.)

For excellent objective, telephonic advice on which drug rehab centre is most suitable for your situation, contact http://www.drug-rehabs.org.za