How I met Richard Branson – The 6 degrees of separation and the 6 steps to meeting anyone you want to meet.

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GYI0050763223.jpgAnyone whom we would like to meet on planet Earth is separated from us by a maximum of 6 degrees. However my experience has been that most are separated from us by only 2 or 3 degrees.

We coexist with others for them to help us achieve our full potential and vice versa.

The phenomenon is explained like this – If you wanted to meet Barack Obama for example, you know someone who knows someone who knows someone …… (to a maximum of 6 degrees of separation) who knows this contact personally.

Everyone whom we’ve ever met, or who crosses our path every day falls into our circle of influence. From the moment we decide whom it is we want to meet, every new person that walks past us becomes the potential to meet our chosen contact.

We need to understand a few things first about how to make it work. The “steps” work like this….

1)Define what is it that you want, or what is your idea?

2)Whom is it that you want to meet?

This is crucial to define honestly with ourselves first. Sometimes the biggest lies we tell are the ones we tell ourselves and so its vital that we are clear about our motives in order to meet whomever. Ultimately, what we want to achieve won’t succeed with unclear or dishonest motives.

6-degrees-of-separationWe also can’t just interact with our circle of influence by asking for what we want. We are also there to help others meet whom they need to meet to help them succeed.

We coexist with others for them to help us achieve our full potential and vice versa.

So when I ask anyone for what I need, I also say, “Is there anything you need help or advice with? Perhaps I can assist you regardless?”

Invariably we are the key to their success too and we have to give that to them (if we are able to) because that becomes our success too. The steps continue….

 3) “Excuse me what do you think about this idea?”

 4) “Do you perhaps know how I can meet (whomever)?”

 5) Is there anything you need that I can perhaps help you with?

These steps in this order will attract and bring about a meeting with whomever it is you want to meet. The 6th step is the actual meeting with our chosen contact and proceeds like this:

6) “Hello Sir Branson, its a pleasure to meet you. My reason for wanting to meet you is …..”

Knowing exactly why and what you want is crucial. Openness and honesty with a reciprocal attitude is what makes it happen very quickly.

This is how I met Richard Branson. I was separated from him by only two degrees. I “bumped” into an acquaintance of mine the same day I decided on why I wanted to meet Sir Branson. By exercising these steps, this acquaintance informed me that he was in high school with one of one of the Virgin billionaire’s business partners in South Africa. Three days later, I received a call from London to set up the meeting.

I don’t think though that following these steps guarantees that you will meet anyone you want to. Let’s be real for a moment, if the person you want to meet doesn’t want to meet you, they might as well be separated from you by 1000 degrees. The reason you want to meet them or idea that you want to share still has to appeal to them.

How has this phenomenon worked for you?

The spoken word – Suli Breaks on education – Must watch!

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education“Education does not beat poverty…. if its motive only to make people economically useful. The motive of education must be to create citizens who are emotionally whole, have the life skills to deal with life on life’s term and who are also economically useful.” – Warren Whitfield.

Man is a 3 part being – The Identity Of Man – The Ego and the Super Ego

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Why do we make the same mistakes? How do our belief ruin or improve our lives? How do we actually identify our beliefs and how do we change them if they’re not working for us?

The following article is taken from a 4 day 12 module course that I wrote on Addictionology in South African context.

AAC National Addiction Sobriety Week 27 June – 3 July

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Addiction Action CampaignThe Addiction Action Campaign (AAC) announced today that they would be hosting a national addiction prevention week as from 2012, which is to be named the AAC National Addiction Sobriety Week.

The need for such a week was identified by AAC C.E.O. Warren Whitfield. Speaking from their Johannesburg office, he said “Unfortunately the world consciousness seems to think that addiction is just drugs. More people live with and die from an addiction than from HIV AIDS and yet there still is no national funding that makes treatment accessible to all.”

Whitfield said that there are many addictions in South Africa which do not get the attention they deserve, nor does the country realise how extensive the issue is. “Drug addiction is just a small part of addiction. People are addicted to a host of other things and behaviours which are not drugs and our laws such as the Prevention for and Treatment of Substance Abuse Act, do not make allowances or provisions for behavioural addictions such as porn, gambling, over spending and sex”  he said.

Whitfield called on all South African’s, corporates and government to support this initiative as much as possible as the epidemic of addiction in South Africa is “almost out of control”. He said, “It is time to realise that the issue of addiction in South Africa is about 15 years behind the successes of the HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention campaigns. Yet it kills far more South African’s annually”.

The week will run every year following the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking which is held annually on the 26th of June.

For more information, contact : Warren Whitfield > 079-066-3382

You deserve better

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by Warren Whitfield – Originally written as a Facebook note

You deserve to have someone hold your hand with love and devotionYou deserve to enjoy what you do.
You deserve to dream and follow your dreams.
You deserve joy and fun.
You deserve financial freedom.
You deserve to be a person who is less stressed.
You deserve to be respected and treated well.
You deserve to be adored.
You deserve to feel loved.
You deserve to have a life that is fulfilling.
You deserve friends who treat you with respect, who stick with you through thick and thin, who tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear.
You deserve an attractive, loving, caring, kind, loyal and intelligent partner who contributes to your success and brings out the best in you.
You deserve to enjoy your day.
You deserve to have your opinions respected.
You deserve to have your contribution appreciated.
You are a worthwhile person and you deserve to regularly experience the magic and beauty that life has to offer.
You deserve to copy this note, and write it down.
You deserve to put it somewhere where you can see it everyday so that it will remind you of what you deserve.
You are needed and your contribution to society is sorely needed.
You are a blessing to everyone that crosses your path and you deserve to believe all of these things.
You deserve to replace every “You” with “I” in this note and to look yourself in the eye every day and tell yourself these truths.
You deserve to stay in front of that mirror until you believe every line in this note.



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