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S.A. Cops In Detroit? Bank robbers get away

Cops try to stop a bank robbery in Detroit, only to have the bank robbers slip away without them noticing.

How to have a baby – Men try out labour pains stimulator

Did you know that according to women, childbirth is one of the most painful things ever, and they believe men can’t handle any of it. And did...
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Why kids don’t smoke

Ogilvy Asia has created ‘Smoking Kid’, an ad for Thai Health Promotion Foundation Read more
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How To Tie Your Shoes Super Fast

A new way to tie shoes! Awesome.  Read more

Carre De Chocolat Commercial – Best Chocolate Advertisement Ever!

Dentsu made this commercial to show the appeal of “Carre-de-chocolat”, meltingly velvety authentic chocolate, particularly to married women in...
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