Why kids don’t smoke

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CaptureOgilvy Asia has created ‘Smoking Kid’, an ad for Thai Health Promotion Foundation [THPF] which features kids asking for a light from an adult smoker. The smokers are shocked and they begin to list reasons why the kids should not smoke. The kids then cleverly ask ‘So why are you smoking?’, hand the smoker a piece of paper and walk away. The piece of paper reads, ‘You worry about me, but why not about yourself?’

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Recent Radio & Televison Commercials – I Need Rehab Campaign

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drug-rehab-centres-in-johannesburg-south-africaThese radio and television commercials were produced for the “I Need Rehab Campaign”. It was initiated by a need that the Addiction Action Campaign identified. People needing addiction rehabilitation but who could not afford any kind of treatment are not able to access quality information on free services that are available to them, but also it seemed that they were not being treated with respect because they can’t afford it. Also, the AAC found that there are many facilities in South Africa that do not provide good quality treatment programs yet charge premium rates.

The campaign’s website provides free  and objective advice on treatment options available to them countrywide.

Radio & Television Commercial

See also their  “I Need Rehab” page on Facebook that provides regular unpates and useful articles and advice

FNB’s new tv anthem advert – ‘Where there’s help, there’s a way’

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I really like First National Bank’s new anthem advert – ‘Where there’s help, there’s a way.’ Honestly though, FNB will only really help those with premium accounts or good credit worthiness. But it’s still a very inspiring advert that all South Africans (including some youthful political leaders) can learn from in terms of working together as a team, as a nation, without focusing on racial differences. Click Read More to see the advert >


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Quit Smoking with Acupuncture

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