The great FIFA rip off

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The liability of the tobacco industry

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Doctors recommending Camel cigarettes

Doctors recommending Camel cigarettes

Can tobacco manufacturers like this one, exclude themselves from any liability for the treatment and recovery costs of people who are addicted to their products, especially after they used doctors to endorse them?

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Click (more…) to see television adverts where doctors promoted smoking.

Is it right to profit from addiction? No!

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AAC takes on corporate giants

AAC takes on corporate giants

It doesn’t matter what they say or how much money they have.

Companies that profit from people who cannot control themselves must assist their consumers with adequate prevention programs as well as addiction treatment.

We have afforded companies the legal identities of individuals in the market place. But corporate individuals somehow exclude themselves from the responsibility that comes from being an individual and interacting with other individuals.

Responsible individuals ensure that they do not cause harm to others. If an individual causes harm to another individual either consciously or unconsciously, they are responsible for addressing the harm that they have caused and are accountable under the law to restore the damage that they have caused.


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