Amazing herbal cures from around the world

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So we start this whole thing off with cancer, since that’s the biggest “mystery” on Earth. Cancer, the eighth wonder of the world, or is it the ninth? Cancer — that “disease” (actually it’s a disorder) of the cells where certain dying or “chemicalized” cells mutate and multiply uncontrollably, then attack your good cells. Scientists all over the world cannot figure out a vaccine or medicine to cure this problem. Or can they?

Then there’s Alzheimer’s disease, again, not really a disease at all. It’s not contagious, and you don’t inherit it either, so forget about that big lie. Yes, it’s “genetic,” because your genes get screwed up, and oxygen can’t get to your brain. Can anyone say “aluminum and lead in food”? Scientists certainly can’t build a human brain, and they definitely can’t take it apart — to figure out what causes seniors to forget who their immediate family is, and not know how to take care of themselves anymore. There’s just no pharmaceutical cure for that. Dang it! After all, what’s the pill made from that makes you stop eating heavy metals?

Scientists around the world study arthritis too, and they design drugs in laboratories, much the same way that (crystal) meth-heads make their drugs in their RV labs, but they just can’t seem to make a drug that makes all the inflammatory food in America disappear. Maybe some day soon they’ll have their breakthrough, and without side effects!

Everybody (lazy and uninformed people) wants to eat anything they want to, any time they want to, and as much as they want to, and then take a pill to make the pain (and the fat) go away. It just doesn’t work like that. You can’t sit around every day eating high-fructose corn syrup byproducts, hormone-laden meat, pus milk (conventional), rennet (calf stomach) cheese, GMO (genetically modified organism) pesticide-laden gluten, bleached bread and microwave dinners and drinking fluoridated water and expect to live past 50 or 60, without needing help walking, thinking, going to the bathroom and feeding yourself.

If you want to “march for the cure” for any of these preventable “diseases,” take OFF your walkin’ shoes and let your fingers do the walking — it’s a snap. The internet is full of phenomenal herbal cures that come from nature and are pure.

I beg you. If you are watching TV, turn it off. If you are reading the newspaper, put it in your fire pit and go wash the toxic ink off your finger tips, and then cancel the subscription right away! Mass media lies, period. Natural, indigenous and organic cures have worked for millennia; it’s just that Americans are simply never educated about them. Do you feel like avoiding cancer, Alzheimer’s and arthritis? Maybe you have some now and want to “eliminate” and “prevent” — (can’t say “cure” or they put you in jail). Oh, but wait, this is just journalism, so we can type and print what we know, and natural news enthusiasts across the nation can tune into reality, longevity, and happiness. Here we go:

Indigenous cures have worked for centuries and even millennia

Addressing cancer, immunity and vitality:

Hemp Seed Oil: (

Hemp Protein: (

Oil of Oregano (wild oregano oil): (,

Spirulina and Chlorella: (

Cannibas sativa: ( Read how Dr. Sanjay Gupta “changed his mind” on weed! (

Maca and Mucuna: Raw food expert and world traveler/speaker David Wolfe is an authority on maca and mucuna. Watch these YouTube videos for great information:
Maca: (
Mucuna Pruriens: (

Garlic Cloves: (

Licorice Root: (

Burdock Root: (

Medicinal mushrooms: Check out Reishi, Turkey Tail, Maitake, Shiitake and Chaga to boost immunity and fight cancer cells — everything from brain cancer to breast cancer. What more could you ask?

Since ancient times, people have used plants to heal themselves. Want to grow your own at home and start your fresh, new natural “medicine cabinet”?

Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine compounds are extracted from natural products and herbs, and “food as medicine” has been practiced for centuries in China, Korea, Japan and other countries in Asia. Coriolus versicolor, a common turkey tail mushroom, has 400 published studies, including long-term research and clinical trials that confirm its cancer-killing, anti-metastatic and immune-enhancing capabilities. It can improve patients’ anti-tumor response. This is why Western Medicine won’t mention it, and your oncologist could get shut down (by FDA/CDC) for prescribing it. Turkey tail mushroom improves survival rates and lifespan for gastric, colorectal, breast and lung cancers. Are you wondering why Dr. Oz and “The Doctors” can’t talk about it?

Do you see medicinal mushrooms on pink ribbons anywhere? All I see are buckets of KFC, Kentucky Fried (GM) Chicken with pink ribbons on them. What’s that about? 

Warning: Herbs and mushrooms can be POTENT and quite effective medicines, yet gentle on the stomach and bowels, unlike chemo, radiation, surgery, pharmaceuticals, bacteria, viruses and superbugs from hospitals. (

Nutritional therapies to remedy inflammation, arthritis and more!

Ermiao wan, burdock root, dandelion and meadow saffron: Check out these Chinese herbs for reducing swelling, inflammation and edema, and to treat gout! — 2004 Journal of Ethnopharmacology: ( Dandelion also stimulates the excretion of uric acid — one of the main causes of gouty arthritis.

Aloe vera: One of most common herbs in alternative medicine. Aloe is great for sun burns, skin abrasions and achy joints. Try growing your own at home!

Boswellia: An anti-inflammatory herb derived from the gum of boswellia trees, indigenous to India. You may know it as frankincense, capable of blocking leukotrienes, substances that attack healthy joints in autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Mainstream medicine still lives in denial of this one based on lack of “human trials.” Okay, let’s just look at centuries of HUMANS who swear by it then.

Cat’s Claw: Comes from a tropical vine and dates back to Inca civilizations. It boosts immunity and reduces swelling in arthritis but must be used sparingly there. Even the University of Maryland Medical Center admits that cat’s claw can help with osteoarthritis pain and RA swelling. You won’t read that in “peer reviews” of JAMA!

Eucalyptus: Its leaves contain tannins that are helpful in reducing arthritis swelling typical from consuming MSG, refined salts, refined sugars and especially GM anything.

Ginger: A staple of alternative medicine “cabinets” — your spice rack. You should juice raw organic vegetables and include fresh organic ginger! Limited trials on humans exist in research, except for the humans who have been using it for great health for a couple of thousand years.

Green Tea: Quite simply, this reduces inflammation. Do you have an overload of omega-6 fatty acids, and not enough omega-3s? Get some hemp seed oil and drink green tea!

Thunder God Vine: One of the oldest herbs in Chinese medicine. Best use is topical. Suppresses overactive immune systems (like after you get a vaccine). May treat autoimmune diseases, but don’t say that around an FDA or CDC agent, or in an advertisement.

Remember, there is a huge lack of scientific evidence that any pharmaceuticals work, much less vaccines and flu shots. The real QUACKS in America aren’t natural healers; instead, they are dentists who still use mercury fillings, allopathic doctors who scribble out prescriptions for cancer, and oncologists who never ever study nutrition.

Make sure that you talk to your naturopath before taking chemical, lab-made concoctions. Look to Mother Nature for the answers and trust herbs that have worked for cultures for millennia! The best recommendations, after all, are testimonials from thousands of people.

Sources for this article include:

How To Remove Annoying Skin Tags The Natural Way

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skintags12-11 pit

Skin tags, also sometimes known as acrochordon, is basically a cutaneous outgrowth, usually non-cancerous and forms in areas of the body that overlap each other or in creases such as the neck, groin or the armpits. Skin tags are usually painless and harmless, however, when it comes to aesthetic appeal, they may look fleshy and of the size of a grain of rice.

While skin tags are usually cleared and treated by skincare treatments, you can also handle them the natural way- here we’ve listed down the 3 best ways to remove skin tags naturally and painlessly. Read on…

Herbal Goodness

Herbs are one of nature’s best healing agents- they hold vital therapeutic properties and aid the natural process of the body. Here we’ve put down some great herbs that you could use to deal with and treat skin tags, and other skin conditions.

Ginger: Chop some ginger and place it onto the area affected by skin tags for 5 minutes, twice everyday and for a week- your skin tags will shrink and you’ll have smooth skin in no time.

Fenugreek Seeds: Fenugreek seeds contain powerful antioxidants that stimulate removal of dead skin cells, including skin tags. Soak them in water and wash the area affected by skin tags with this water everyday.

Garlic: Crushed garlic, when applied to the area affected by skin tags, is believed to help shrink the skin tags naturally.

Natural Stuff

Some other natural botanical extracts, when used in the right way, could work wonderfully in reducing skin tags naturally and effectively. Here are some good natural remedies that are available right in your kitchen, and could help you manage skin conditions, particularly skin tags, more effectively.

Castor Oil: Castor oil, when mixed with baking soda and used as an ointment can act as a wonderful natural remedy for skin tags. Apply it to the affected area for 10 minutes 2 times a day for a week.

Apple Cider Vinegar: You may have used it for your salad dressings, but now’s the time to put apple cider vinegar to a better use- just dab some apple cider vinegar onto a small piece of cotton and apply it to the skin tag. It may cause a slight stinging sensation, but leave it that way for a couple of minutes and then wash. Do this 3 times a day for a week and your skin tags will shrink.

Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil has been known for its efficacy in dealing with a wide range of skin disorders, including skin tags. Apply diluted tea tree oil directly to the affected area, and massage gently in circular motion twice everyday till the skin tags shrink.

Banana Peel: Banana peel is yet another effective remedy for skin tags. Cut the peel into small bits, place it on the affected area and wrap it around so that the bits keep touching the area- let it stay overnight.

Lemon Juice: Lemon juice is a good source of citric acid, which helps the skin tags shed away the decomposing issue. Just apply some lemon juice onto the affected area with a cotton ball till it dries away.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is believed to be the best natural treatments for all skin disorders. Rub the oil from a vitamin E capsule onto the skin tags, and massage gently – do this for a couple of days or until the skin tag vanishes.

How to Clean Your Liver with 5 Natural Liver Detox Tips

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liver_4 Your liver is like the maid of your body, cleaning up all the toxins you put into it, and therefore keeping all internal systems running smoothly. The modern diet, environmental pollutants, and our increasing dependence on toxic personal care products have put our livers on serious overtime. For this reason, it’s important to know how to clean your liver thoroughly and effectively – oh, and naturally.

Your liver works to cleanse the blood and remove toxic substances that we’ve eaten, inhaled, or rubbed on our bodies. When it is overworked—as it is in many modern adults—or when you are under a significant amount of physical or even mental stress, your liver can struggle to keep up.

“The thousands of enzyme systems that are responsible for virtually every body activity are constructed in the liver,” explains Dr. Karl Maret, M.D. “The proper functioning of the eyes, the heart, the brain, the gonads, the joints, and the kidneys are all dependent on good liver activity.

If the liver is impaired from constructing even one of the thousands of enzyme systems the body requires, there is an impairment in overall body function and a resultant greater metabolic stress on the individual.”

Liver health is directly tied to your overall health, and poor liver health could very well be the root cause of many diseases that currently affect millions of people worldwide. Often assaulted with toxic substances like high-fructose corn syrup, which can ‘overburden’ the liver and subsequently lead to complications, it is very likely that your liver has experienced at least some degree of damage due to dietary and environmental factors. In fact, the only way to avoid the buildup of toxins in the liver would be to eat a nearly perfect diet free of additives, fillers, modified ingredients, or chemicals — virtually the opposite of the average American diet, which critically lacks any liver cleansing foods.

Thankfully, it is very possible to repair your liver naturally and help release excessive toxin buildup through the power of healing foods. Here are 4 natural liver cleansing food and another alternative approach using acupuncture that is extremely useful to combine with them:

1. Cleanse Your Liver with Avocados

Avocados have been shown to naturally protect and repair your liver. Containing a high amount of glutathione-producing compounds, avocados can actually help boost the ability of the liver to cleanse itself. Astonishing research has even shown that consuming one or two avocados per week for as little as 30 days can make a serious difference in the state of your liver health. The best part? Avocados can be enjoyed with virtually any meal, and are available throughout the world. Try adding in some fresh, organic avocados with your next meal to reap the benefits of liver cleansing foods like this one.

2. Garlic

The superfood garlic, which is known for its ability to fight against cancer and infections naturally, is also among the many great liver cleansing foods as it is very useful in repairing a compromised liver. While the benefits of garlic for liver health and beyond are many, one reason for its superior effects have to do with the fact that garlic contains numerous sulfur-containing compounds that are known to activate the liver enzymes responsible for expelling toxins from the body. Another lies in the presence of both allicin and selenium, two important nutrients that play an integral role in the protection of the liver from damage.

3. Turmeric

Turmeric can uniquely assist the enzymes that are responsible for flushing out known dietary carcinogens. The result is enhanced protection against liver damage, and even regeneration of affected liver cells. Turmeric is also notably responsible for improving the health of the gallbladder as well. These benefits are in addition to the shocking ability to turmeric to combat cancer in a number of studies. Researchers at the UCLA also found that curcumin — the ‘key’ compound within turmeric — exhibits cancer-blocking properties. The lab found that the enzymes in the patients’ mouths responsible for promoting cancer spread and growth were inhibited by curcumin supplementation. The ingestion of curcumin intake even blocked the spread of the malignant cells.

4. Lemon and Lime

While not exactly one of the liver cleansing foods, warm water with lemon or lime each morning could be one of the simplest and most advantageous methods of improving the health of your liver. High in vitamin C and potassium, lemons can help regulate biological functions. Some experts, such as A.F. Beddoe — who wrote the book Biological Ionization as Applied to Human Nutrition, have also stated that the liver produces more enzymes in response to water with lemon than to any other food.

5. Acudetox

Acupuncture Detoxification is probably the most powerful way to assist a liver detox diet because it directly affects the electrical function of the liver enabling it to release what its holding onto very quickly. The NADA 5 Point Protocol for addiction detoxification is a great help here. It not only detoxes the liver, but also the gall bladder, lungs, large intestine, small intestine, stomach, spleen & heart all of which play a vital role in overall health but also the health of the mind. A toxic liver results in a dysfunctional gall bladder and can lead to gall stones or even the need to remove one’s gall bladder entirely. Anger is the common state of being for people with toxic livers.

Kidney Cleanse Recipes

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green-drinkGot lower back pain and suspect it might be a kidney stone? Do you have lower back weakness, sciatica, weak legs & knees, hearing problems, tinnitus, blurry vision, sudden deafness, no will power, weak bone & muscle density issues? Try this cleanse before an expensive hospital visit. Small kidney stones can be dissolved a few weeks with a few changes in your diet and large amounts of water to wash out any toxins that have built up over time. Combine Kidney flush diets with Acupuncture Detoxification and you have a winning formula for treating all of these ailments very effectively.

This cleanse is not just to remove kidney stones though. The kidney filters out all kinds of toxic substances from your blood and is particularly sensitive to infections – keeping this organ clean and functioning properly is highly important for your health.

What are Kidney Stones?

A kidney cleanse is a great way to avoid kidney stones, but how do they form? If you are dehydrated or have consumed lots of toxic substances, the urine that passes through the kidney can crystallize, forming mineral deposits or kidney stones.

If the stones become too big they can block urine flow, causing extreme pain in your lower back. A kidney cleanse helps these stones to dissolve, easing your pain, and can also prevent them from forming in the first place.

How to do the Kidney Cleanse

The kidney cleanse is a 3-day fast during which you must drink large quantities of distilled water and organic apple juice. You can drink up to a gallon of each, separately or mixed together.

If you haven’t tried a fast before, don’t worry this cleanse is perfectly healthy. You may be a little hungry, but the apple juice will give you energy and help you feel more full.

You can start checking for kidney stones immediately after your first drink of apple juice. Use a simple tea strainer to look for them – they might be very small so look carefully.

Not everyone passes kidney stones on this cleanse, but even if you don’t its very healthy and will prevent any future problems.

Herbs for Kidney Cleansing

Try the following herbs before or after your kidney cleanse.


When taken orally, Uva Ursi transforms in the stomach into a compound with antimicrobial and disinfectant properties. It then passes down through the urinary system and so can also aid with urinary infections.


Parsley/Cilantro detoxifies the kidney by flushing toxins out, and is beneficial in the treatment and prevention of kidney stones. Parsley contains a compound named Apoil, which has now been isolated and used in medication to treat kidney ailments and kidney stones.

To make a Parsley tea, place 2 cups of water and 2 tablespoons of chopped parsley/cilantro into a pot with the lid on. Heat the water to almost boiling, then turn off the heat. Let it sit for fifteen minutes, then strain the parsley out and enjoy the tea.


Nettles are effective diuretics and anti-bacterials that can help to treat and prevent kidney stones. They are available as a tea or in capsules.

Kidney Cleanser Recipes ~


kidney cleanse juice recipeHere are two great kidney cleanse recipes. Just throw it all together in the juicer, then drink! You can also use a blender if you want it to be more like a smoothie.

Recipe 1
4 Stalks Celery
3 Sprigs Parsley/Cilantro
1 Cucumber
Half a lemon

Recipe 2
2 Apples
4-6 slices Watermelon


A variety of teas are available that can help with a Kidney Cleanse. Watermelon seed tea and Celery seed tea are both powerful diuretics that increase your water intake and flush water more quickly through the kidneys.


QWhich adds more nutritional value to a salad: fresh parsley or cilantro?

A: A quarter cup of chopped parsley is a good source of both beta-carotene (the plant form of vitamin A) and vitamin C, which are both found in much smaller amounts in cilantro. Parsley also provides small amounts of folate, potassium and iron that help total daily consumption add up more quickly than amounts in cilantro. Cilantro contains about twice the amount of antioxidant phytochemicals (natural plant compounds) as parsley. Both are great choices to add a fresh taste to salads, salsas, soup (warm or chilled soup for hot weather enjoyment), pasta and more. Use them both and know you’re getting great flavor and nutrition.

Karen Collins, MS, RD, CDN, writes this column for The American Institute for Cancer Research. (AICR) is the cancer charity that fosters research on the relationship of nutrition, physical activity and weight management to cancer risk.

Coconut Oil – The “Miracle” Dental Bacteria Killer

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Anthony Gucciardi | Natural Society

Looking for an alternative to toothpastes loaded with sulfates and other toxic ingredients such as fluoride? Mainstream science has now fully recognized the ‘miracle’ powers of coconut oil to not only combat tooth decay and drastically improve overall mouth health, but also to specifically crush a yeast known as candida albicans that can lead to deadly infections. This ‘news’ likely comes as nothing more than further confirmation for many, as natural health practicioners have been recommending coconut oil for years.

The research comes from the Athlone Institute of Technology, where Ireland-based scientists examined the effects of natural and digested coconut oil on common strains of bacteria within the mouth. What they found was that not only did the coconut oil effectively inhibit a majority of the bacteria strains single-handedly, but it was also particularly harmful to candida albicans. This is important when considering the fact that an excessive amount of the yeast known as candida albicans can be brought upon by a poor diet consisting of processed foods and sugar.

Candida infection, also known as candida overgrowth or the ‘candy disease’, can be associated with symptoms like chronic tiredness, recurring yeast infections, and digestive issues. It can also lead to a mouth infection known as thrush — a condition typically ‘treated’ using anti-fungal medications preceeded by an x-ray of your esophagus. Now, researchers are highlighting how coconut oil intake can be an alternative solution with far less side effects and concerns.

In their report, the scientists state that coconut oil could be ‘an effective alternative to chemical additives’ in most dental hygiene products. This refers to the many sulfate chemicals linked to numerous conditions, added fluoride, and many others.



Acudetox Centre

Quit Smoking with Acupuncture

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Margot had been at a fitting for the upcoming NYC premiere of her new film Suicide Squad on Monday night. Tinseltown is abuzz with rumours that the blonde beauty will appear in the next James Bond film as a Bond girl, following a long line of glamorous actresses. Flawles: The Hollywood starlet’s complexion was characteristically flawless all over, but years in the Northern Hemisphere appeared to have erased her Australian tan Going natural: She enhanced her look with natural-look makeup and subtle pink lipstick and carried a small black leather handbag to run her errands Looking her best: Margot had been at a fitting for the upcoming NYC premiere of her new film Suicide Squad on Monday night Online polls have revealed the 26-year-old stunner is at the strongest odds to fill the role, sitting at 12/1, while Emily Blunt sits at 16/1, according to Paddy Power. Others sitting at promising odds to star as the much-desired female character are American model and actress Emily Ratajkowski, who sits at 22/1, with Brit Emma Watson further down the line at 40/1. The Gold Coast girl found her big break in 2013 opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street as the feisty and seductive, Naomi. Plenty to smile about: Tinseltown is abuzz with rumours that the blonde beauty will appear in the next James Bond film as a Bond girl, following a long line of glamorous actresses Adoring fans: Margot caused a stir with passersby as she stepped out in NYC Well made: The beautiful garment had an elaborate rose pattern on its back More recently, she starred alongside Alexander Skarsgård in The Legend Of Tarzan as Jane.perruques cheveux As well as the blockbuster, Margot has various other projects in the pipeline, including Suicide Squad, in which she plays Harley Quinn. Other females who have starred as the prestigious Bond girl include talented beauties Halle Berry, Rosamund Pike and Eva Green. Next big thing: Online polls have revealed the 26-year-old stunner is at the strongest odds to fill the Bond role, sitting at 12/1, while Emily Blunt sits at 16/1, according to Paddy Power . In demand actress: As well as the blockbuster, Margot has various other projects in the pipeline, including Suicide Squad, in which she plays Harley Quinn Following in footsteps: Other females who have starred as the prestigious Bond girl include talented beauties Halle Berry, Rosamund Pike and Eva Green Although the buzz around who will land the role of Bond girl is growing, the film is not expected to be released until at least 2018. Producer Barbara Broccoli has two other projects firmly underway and is said to be keen to tempt Daniel Craig into reprising his role as the titular character for the fifth time. Holding her own: Her breakout role was as DiCaprio's feisty wife, Naomi, on Wolf of Wall Street, which her portrayal earned her international acclaim - and showed off her gorgeous legs to the world

Next week will see the conclusion of the 12th season of The Bachelorette, as Joelle 'JoJo' Fletcher gets engaged to either Jordan Rodgers or Robby Hayes. And according to a new report, there's set to be a dramatic break-up ahead of the romantic proposal.lace front wigs Us Weekly claims that JoJo comes to the difficult decision of choosing between the two suitors after one of them makes a big mistake with her parents Joseph and Soraya. Family matters: Joelle 'JoJo' Fletcher apparently picks her fiance in next week's Bachelorette finale after one of the men makes a big mistake with her parents Who will it be?: Jordan Rodgers (L) and Robby Hayes are the two men left in the competition, and one of them allegedly gets sent packing after failing to ask JoJo's parents for her hand in marriage The runner-up gets dumped after failing to ask the 25-year-old's parents' for her hand in marriage, and during the emotional rejection, JoJo confesses that she wanted things to turn out differently. 'JoJo was sobbing,' a source told Us Weekly. 'She told him, “I wanted it to be you.”' The insider added: 'It was important to JoJo that the guys get her parents’ permission before proposing. JoJo viewed it as disrespectful that he didn’t.' Us Weekly claims that JoJo's family liked both of the finalists, but thought that the man she eventually picks was better suited to her. Favourite from the start: Jordan received the First Impression Rose and his relationship with JoJo has gone from strength to strength ever since

Not true: The 27-year-old former quarterback has denied that he cheated on his last girlfriend 'Everyone thought he was husband material,' a source said. 'Later, they told JoJo that they liked the other man too, but they thought the second would be more loyal and a better fit.' And speaking about the family's meeting with the runner-up, the insider revealed: 'After he left, Soraya said she thought he was a player.' It seems that JoJo did make the right decision however, as she is apparently still very happily engaged to the winner. She likes what she sees: JoJo has also fallen in love with former competitive swimmer Robby, 27 Denying the rumours: Robby has refuted claims that he dumped his girlfriend to appear on the show Former quarterback Jordan, 27, has been a favourite to win the show from night one, when JoJo presented him with the First Impression Rose. Show secrets: Us Weekly revealed details of the dramatic finale And while on Monday's episode of the show he was seen telling the real estate developer that asking her father's permission to propose would be very important to him, a clip for the finale showed JoJo asking if he is ready to get down on one knee. Both of the finalists have faced rumours about past relationships, with Jordan's ex Brittany Farrar claiming that they broke up because she cheated on him. He denied this to JoJo on the show. The footballer is estranged from his famous NFL star brother Aaron, whose girlfriend Olivia Munn is close pals with Jordan's ex-girlfriend. Aaron finally addressed his younger brother speaking about their fraught relationship on the show during an interview with WISN on Tuesday. 'As far as those kinds of things go, I've always found that it's a little inappropriate to talk publicly about some family matters, so I'm not going to speak on those things,' he said. 'But I wish him well in the competition.' Meanwhile a friend of Robby's ex-girlfriend Hope Higginbotham has claimed that he dumped her in order to go on The Bachelorette, something which he denied during last week's hometown dates. The Bachelorette finale followed by the After The Final Rose special will air on ABC on Monday.cosplay wigs She made the right choice: JoJo is apparently still happily engaged to the winner, who popped the question in May. The finale airs on ABC on Monday