Can a Shift in Consciousness Cause a Shift in Biology?

Written by Warren Whitfield. Posted in Acudetox, Health

Your state of mind is affecting your homeostasis, the self-regulation of your body. Listen to Deepak’s explanation about how your consciousness comes to play with your gene expressions and cell biology.

listen to ‘A shift in consciousness causes a shift in Biology #CosmicConsciousness @RichardDawkins @Rudytanzi #Epigenetics’ on Audioboo

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Warren Whitfield

Warren Whitfield is the founder and CEO of the Addiction Action Campaign. He is also the author of “Addict Nation – The epidemic of addiction in South Africa today”. He founded NADA S.A. and has his own auriculotherapy practice in Northcliff, Johannesburg. He envisioned the concept of addiction harm reduction in South Africa and birthed the Addiction Harm Reduction Compliancy Initiative. Besides treating people for many ailments, he also created and owns various other businesses which include, AffiliatePro Marketing, &


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